Guidelines & Information

General Guidelines

  • No third party programs (hacks) that allow you to work around the parameters of the game. This includes but not limited to: flying, x-ray, unlimited buffs or sprint, and chat spam.
  • Be courteous. Trolling or pissing people off is not tolerated.
  • Chat is to remain clean and respectful.
  • No griefing of any kind.
  • Moderators reserve the right to wipe any structure that is obsene or offensive.
  • Moderators have the ability to ban disrespectful players. We’re not too keen on kicking people or second chances.

Server Information

The server is split into two nations, Blockadon and Cubozoid. Each side is fighting for control of major landmarks spread across No Man’s Land. PvP is always enabled, so you’ll have to watch your back at all times. We reccommend bringing a friend along.

Minegaiden is split into several worlds. Each nation has their own world in addition to No Man’s Land and the Nether (which is shared amongst all worlds). Anywhere is fair game to claim land, but we reccommend building close to your nation’s fortress.

We utilize McMMO, giving you a skill leveling system to help you on your adventures. You should focus on leveling combat skills first. Some of us enjoy a good slaughter every now and then and you’ll want the perks.

Contests of skill and agility will be held on a regular basis with prizes to be had (and maybe a RL prize every so often). These generally happen on weekends but weekday events are being considered.