Guidelines & Information

General Guidelines

  • No third party programs (hacks) that allow you to work around the parameters of the game. This includes but not limited to: flying, x-ray, unlimited buffs or sprint, and chat spam.
  • Be courteous. Trolling or pissing people off is not tolerated.
  • Chat is to remain clean and respectful.
  • No griefing of any kind.
  • Moderators reserve the right to wipe any structure that is obsene or offensive.
  • Moderators have the ability to ban disrespectful players. We’re not too keen on second chances.

Survival : Nation v. Nation

The server is split into two nations, Blockadon and Cubazoid. Each side are fighting for control of major resources across the world. The nation who controls the most nodes get rewards weekly (must be present at weekly event).

  • PvP is always on in unclaimed territory. Players are allowed to disable PvP on their property.
  • I’ll finish this later.