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So.. what’s going on?

I had to take a bit of a break from Minecraft. This gave me time to step back and give this conversion a real once over. Factions has been dropped. It’s got too many features we won’t use. If we used it how it’s meant to be played it would mean everyone would have to

The Return of Nation v. Nation?! [Update]

For those who do not know, the original Minegaiden was a “nation v. nation” setup. Players were divided between two nations that were at war. For whatever reason, we never really materialized into an actual war. We were learning as we go and at the time Bukkit was a hot mess to work with so

The Boat Got Bigger

Due to popular demand and a couple kind donators we are moving again. This time it isn’t a little upgrade or chasing a better deal. In the next couple days we will be moving to a fully dedicated bare-metal server! What does this mean? Usually with game hosting you’re sharing a server with multiple people.

Addition of McMMO?

There’s a vote going on right now on our Facebook page to vote on the addition of McMMO to the server. This would greatly change gameplay mechanics and I feel the community should vote on it. So, have at it!

Bit of a snag

The host I went with really, really sucks and ate the server files.. needless to say I cancelled and refunded. I’m uploading an old backup to a new host and should be back up in a couple hours.   Edit: We’re good now.