Changelog – June 10, 2017

Revision 2

  • We now have a single server with multiple world maps. Each nation has their own world and a “No Man’s Land” in the middle. With this setup we can add more world maps as time goes on, whether it be a new game version or event world.
  • Players will be required to join a nation. New players (if you have not been on the new server) will go through our new recruitment area before they are able to build.
  • At this time there is no /home command. Until a suitable plugin is found there will be no /home functionality. On death you will be transported to the nearest portal.
  • Metro lines! We are installing them as quickly as possible to help you travel faster between portals.
  • Currency did not carry over from the old server. Please PM tok3n to have your currency transferred.
  • Novaguilds replaced with GUILDS. Novaguilds was not working with 1.12 by the time of this writing.
  • Arenas from the old server will be copied over.

The Old World

  • Due to limitations beyond our control we will not be able to publicly open up the 1.11.2 world. Essentially, it would wipe any and all region protections if it is loaded into the new 1.12 world. If you wish to bring over your items from the old server you will have to be granted access by an admin.
  • If the community wants we can update the 1.11.2 world to 1.12 on it’s own server after players have had a chance to get their items transferred.
  • Item transfers will be open until July 22.