Changelog – May 27, 2017

New Features

  • Economy – I didn’t want an economy originally.. hell I even swore by it. Fact of the matter is, with an economy we’re able to add more features and give out more rewards during events. So not my favorite update, but it was needed.
  • Headconomy – Mobs will randomly drop their head. Put the head in your hand and use /sellhead to cash it in.
  • One-time Use Kit – You’re only able to use this ONCE. Use /fkgive to receive a free boat! Useful when you’re trying to leave the spawn islands.

In the Works

  • Guilds – Soon we will be split between two nations with PvP enabled. We’ve finally gotten proper backend stuff setup to accomplish this.
  • Forums – Yep.
  • Player Shops


  • Hub, Chaos, and Minigame worlds.