Month: May 2017

Changelog – May 29, 2017

Changes PvP is permenantly enabled on player plots. This is a PvP server afterall. Items do not drop if you’re attacked by another player. Hard Mode enabled. Zombies now break doors. You can now use the /seige command to declare your intention to attack someone on their land. During seige mode, the following blocks are

Changelog – May 28, 2017

New Features Nations – Players can now apply to join Blockadon or Cubozoid. Players will be put on either side based on the time of application so we can balance everything. if you wish to play with a friend you will need to specify as so in your application. Please allow 24 hours for your

Changelog – May 27, 2017

New Features Economy – I didn’t want an economy originally.. hell I even swore by it. Fact of the matter is, with an economy we’re able to add more features and give out more rewards during events. So not my favorite update, but it was needed. Headconomy – Mobs will randomly drop their head. Put

So.. what’s going on?

I had to take a bit of a break from Minecraft. This gave me time to step back and give this conversion a real once over. Factions has been dropped. It’s got too many features we won’t use. If we used it how it’s meant to be played it would mean everyone would have to