Sorry for the outage [Updated]

Today a problem involving our region protection came up that required me to shut down operations until I can fix it. This was done to safeguard everyone’s chests and property from new players poking around. Annoying, yes. If I let the server continue running with the problem it could have potentially caused data loss or corruption.

As some of you know, I work full-time on second shift. This means I’m unable to do anything admin related until I get off work, as phones are not allowed on the shop floor. I can’t afford to be distracted from the machine I am running for long periods and this issue can potentially means a few hours of troubleshooting.

To help alleviate this, Riktor404 has offered to get a crash course in some administrative duties. This should happen this weekend. Ultimately once this is fixed there shouldn’t be any more major issues.

Update: Plugins have been updated and we’re live.