Welcome back to Minegaiden

For those of you who don’t know me, hi! I’m tok3n (i.e. tok3, tok3ninja) and I’m the original creator of Minegaiden.

I started the original Minegaiden during the alpha stage of Minecraft developement. We started as a server on my desktop as a fun new project to mess around with. From there, we grew over the years onto our own community-owned hardware, supporting many players from around the globe. It was a labor of love for me and I enjoyed every second of it. I learned a lot about Linux in this time and I owe the community for pushing my education to where it is now.

But then I quit. I’ll spare the details, but I wasn’t in a good place to be running a community. But here I am again!

So what now?

I have already rented a server host that can support whatever we end up doing. The .com is back in our hands (thankfully no one decided to domain park on it). I already have a world generated and I’ll have a map available soon. I’m currently waiting on a dedicated IP from the server host to do anything further.

As far as game mode.. Minegaiden took a lot of interaction to keep running. Since I work full-time now I won’t have the hours to spend keeping up. The server will be set to PvE rules with mobs enabled. We are using Grief Prevention for self-serve region protection, amongst the rest of it’s awesome features.

Will we return to the Minegaiden tradtion of two cities at war? Maybe.

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