Month: February 2017

Welcome to Intergalactic Customs

New game address: Dynmap: The move to the new server host is complete! With it brings our new transportation hub, Intergalactic Customs. Here you’ll find warpgates to other game worlds as they open . You’ll find the warpgate on Survival at spawn.

Sorry for the outage [Updated]

Today a problem involving our region protection came up that required me to shut down operations until I can fix it. This was done to safeguard everyone’s chests and property from new players poking around. Annoying, yes. If I let the server continue running with the problem it could have potentially caused data loss or

Addition of McMMO?

There’s a vote going on right now on our Facebook page to vote on the addition of McMMO to the server. This would greatly change gameplay mechanics and I feel the community should vote on it. So, have at it!

Bit of a snag

The host I went with really, really sucks and ate the server files.. needless to say I cancelled and refunded. I’m uploading an old backup to a new host and should be back up in a couple hours.   Edit: We’re good now.

The doors are kind of open!

Server IP: This morning I finished configuring the server. Please keep in mind I am still waiting on a dedicated IP from the server host. This could change at any time and make the server unreachable for a bit. Make a post on the Facebook group and I’ll fix it as soon as I

Welcome back to Minegaiden

For those of you who don’t know me, hi! I’m tok3n (i.e. tok3, tok3ninja) and I’m the original creator of Minegaiden. I started the original Minegaiden during the alpha stage of Minecraft developement. We started as a server on my desktop as a fun new project to mess around with. From there, we grew over