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I just love helpiong but being appreciated feels nice sometimes :p
Thanks dadd. And have a triple stacked waffle heart <###
<## Care for a double?
thanks a ton dadd <# give this man a waffle heart!
for all who are confused, dadd added 90 days to the website, lol.
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Well, hello again! Long time no see! So, I've been quite busy but I am now free for the summer to invest more time into the server and maintaining it :D So, 1.7.9 has been installed! Finally! Make sure you update your clients :3 

Time to get back up and running!
[Admin] srakath a Mine's all brokey. I try make it go with using the brain. It are no work. It say "No" and ha ha ha I cry. Sad ...
[[V]] daddadpl Good I expect to see your face dammit!
[[C]] ArduousBow Welcome back Zach
Dynmap is up and running again! Woot!
[[C]] Morphing_Tiger wait, does dynmap work for avatar world?
[[C]] TheBlue_Ranger zach I don't have Citizen anymore
[Admin] zachsta18 a And it's up again!


[Admin] srakath a posted Jan 25, 14
[Admin] srakath a At the main screen hit the F1 key, and type net.connect ...
[SMod] amethystdragon Not sure if it just me, but I cannot connect.

Temp Map Down!

[Admin] zachsta18 a posted Dec 8, 13
Hey guys, sorry for the inconvenience, but I had to take the temp map down... Why?

Instead of the temp map, though, I've brought main up on 1.7 with all but three plugins functioning. Love you guys too <3
Have you been waiting to apply for a nation or town? Well, now is your chance!

For a Town:
 Knights, Templars, Dukes, Barons, Viscounts, and Mods may all apply for a town! To apply, simply visit: minegaiden.com/townapp

For a Nation:
Viscounts and Mods+ may apply for a nation! To apply, simply visit: minegaiden.com/nationapp
[Admin] zachsta18 a One nation made.... One to go!
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