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and await approval in order to visit the other maps on the server. The server address is found in the online players box at the top of the page.
As you are most likely aware you simply add the [link] to your server list. That will get you onto the server. Citizenship is another matter though, you need to fill out the application (found in the buttons at the top of this page)
Interested in joining, where is the pack download? Many thanks :sick:
I agree with daddadpl and v_ball
Don't we all.
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Well, hello again! Long time no see! So, I've been quite busy but I am now free for the summer to invest more time into the server and maintaining it :D So, 1.7.9 has been installed! Finally! Make sure you update your clients :3 

Time to get back up and running!
[O] srakath a Mine's all brokey. I try make it go with using the brain. It are no work. It say "No" and ha ha ha I cry. Sad ...
[[V]] daddadpl Good I expect to see your face dammit!
[[C]] ArduousBow Welcome back Zach

Dynmap is Working!

[O] zachsta18 a posted Feb 15, 14
Dynmap is up and running again! Woot!
[[C]] Morphing_Tiger wait, does dynmap work for avatar world?
[[C]] TheBlue_Ranger zach I don't have Citizen anymore
[O] zachsta18 a And it's up again!


[O] srakath a posted Jan 25, 14
[O] srakath a At the main screen hit the F1 key, and type net.connect ...
[SMod] amethystdragon Not sure if it just me, but I cannot connect.

Temp Map Down!

[O] zachsta18 a posted Dec 8, 13
Hey guys, sorry for the inconvenience, but I had to take the temp map down... Why?

Instead of the temp map, though, I've brought main up on 1.7 with all but three plugins functioning. Love you guys too <3
Have you been waiting to apply for a nation or town? Well, now is your chance!

For a Town:
 Knights, Templars, Dukes, Barons, Viscounts, and Mods may all apply for a town! To apply, simply visit: minegaiden.com/townapp

For a Nation:
Viscounts and Mods+ may apply for a nation! To apply, simply visit: minegaiden.com/nationapp
[O] zachsta18 a One nation made.... One to go!
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