So.. what’s going on?

I had to take a bit of a break from Minecraft. This gave me time to step back and give this conversion a real once over.

Factions has been dropped. It’s got too many features we won’t use. If we used it how it’s meant to be played it would mean everyone would have to reset their region protection, amongst other headaches.

I’ve installed a guild plugin (no, not THE Guilds plugin) to help with the transition. Players would need somewhere to request to be added to a guild.. I know forums have come up a lot.. so maybe we’ll finally get that.

You’re going to notice stuff a little out of whack for a bit while things are setup. I don’t want to take the server down so “fuck it, we’ll do it live!”

– tok3n

The Return of Nation v. Nation?! [Update]

For those who do not know, the original Minegaiden was a “nation v. nation” setup. Players were divided between two nations that were at war. For whatever reason, we never really materialized into an actual war. We were learning as we go and at the time Bukkit was a hot mess to work with so we were never really able to achieve the ultimate goal.

Fast forward to the RELOADED era. When I returned I just wanted a server that can be self-sufficient since I work full-time. So far it’s worked very well, but our server has a lot more potential. With Rootski joining on as a sysadmin, we will be able to support the community and setup some cool stuff for you guys to do.

Today on our Facebook group you’ll find a poll to reinstate our original nation v. nation setup.

This entails converting our current world map from PvE to PvP and installing Factions. As some of you know, Factions has its’ own region protection system that works very well. There’s just one problem.. we don’t want anyone losing their current region protection nor do we want people to lose their land to other players because of the way Factions is structured. We are going to use only a portion of the plugin to help us manage everything better. You will still use Grief Prevention to secure your land.

The community will be split up into two Factions (here we call them nations). During peace time you’re free to build with anyone as Grief Prevention rules still apply to your property. During war time however, the two nations will battle for something we’re not telling yet ^_^.

PvP will be enabled! You can still flag PvP as off in your land. So there’s that.

We’ll divulge more details soon, as long as the vote is in favor of this major change. Let’s here it!


So the vote was pretty much a landslide, we’re doing this. Here’s how it’s going to work (or we hope):

We are going to create two nations using the Factions plugin. We’re going to try to keep it balanced so only Lords can invite people to either nation. People can request to be added via Discord or Facebook (for now).

The idea is to have weekly battles between the two sides. Now initally this might be tough until we get more regular players so we’re going to make due until then.

With Faction’s region protection we’re going to create what I call “nodes”. There will be several nodes around the world map that the two nations can control. Each nation will start with two major nodes and a neutral node at Arch.  Whomever controls the node at Arch is able to capture other major nodes. When a nation wins that entire node is theirs.

A standard node is a little different. These are smaller, won’t have major events based on them, and mostly take up space. These will utilize Faction’s region claim and power scheme. Ownership of these will change weekly based on the power rating of each nation, so you’ll have to start killing if you want more control.

Battles will take place inside War arenas with your own loadouts. We will randomly ban or restrict certain items from the arena (such as diamond items) to shake up gameplay. We reserve the right to inspect player inventories prior to gameplay.

I hope you’re as excited as I am! More details will come as we set things up. The server is still active while we do this.

Chaos world is now online!

After some procrastinating we have finally opened the Chaos server!

I have one suggestion.. start running as soon as you enter. Spawn does not have PvP enabled, however the area is very small.

Also, upon death you will be respawned in a random location. We are aware this means you can’t get your loot back, buuuut this is Chaos afterall. Go make new tools!

Remember, McMMO is active with all your levels from Survival 😉

At this time there will not be a world map. We have to change how the map plugin works and it’s quite time consuming to figure out. We’ll get to it.

Hey all! Time for an update.

Good to see some fresh faces pop up on the server logs! Sorry I can’t meet most of you in person yet. I work a night shift so I’m sleeping when most of you are playing.


The chaos server will happen in the next week. The map will be up for 30 days and then wiped clean, including your items.

McMMO will be turned on and your stats will be carried over. (Note: Anytime we enable McMMO it shares your stats across all servers.) We’re going to get MobArena setup on the survival world so you can powerlevel your combat skills before diving into chaos.

In Other News..

I’m sure we’ve all heard our online privacy just got shot to shit by the U.S. government. While I’m livid, it was only a matter of time.

Something I’ve always wanted to do is setup a VPN for me and my friends to hide what we could. Well, it’s about time I make good on that.

Patreon donators who pledge $5 or more will get access to our own VPN network. This means you’ll be able to surf the internet without your home ISP invading on your privacy. There will be some restrictions to make sure no one abuses it. We only have so much bandwidth to go around.

More details will come later and I’ll update the Patreon page to reflect this change.

The Boat Got Bigger

Due to popular demand and a couple kind donators we are moving again. This time it isn’t a little upgrade or chasing a better deal. In the next couple days we will be moving to a fully dedicated bare-metal server!

What does this mean? Usually with game hosting you’re sharing a server with multiple people. If one too many people start hammering on the server it slows everyone else down. But we’re renting our own server that we don’t have to share with anyone! The possibilities are literally endless now.

For you computer nerds here are the specs:

CPU: Intel Xeon  E3-1240 (Ivy Bridge) @ 3.4GHz
Motherboard: SuperMicro X10SLM-F
Memory: 32GB DDR3 ECC
Hard Disks: 2x120GB SSD drives (RAID 1 I believe)
Uplink:  1GBps
Location: Buffalo, NY

The move is scheduled to be completed this evening (3/4).

Sorry for the outage [Updated]

Today a problem involving our region protection came up that required me to shut down operations until I can fix it. This was done to safeguard everyone’s chests and property from new players poking around. Annoying, yes. If I let the server continue running with the problem it could have potentially caused data loss or corruption.

As some of you know, I work full-time on second shift. This means I’m unable to do anything admin related until I get off work, as phones are not allowed on the shop floor. I can’t afford to be distracted from the machine I am running for long periods and this issue can potentially means a few hours of troubleshooting.

To help alleviate this, Riktor404 has offered to get a crash course in some administrative duties. This should happen this weekend. Ultimately once this is fixed there shouldn’t be any more major issues.

Update: Plugins have been updated and we’re live.

Bit of a snag

The host I went with really, really sucks and ate the server files.. needless to say I cancelled and refunded. I’m uploading an old backup to a new host and should be back up in a couple hours.


Edit: We’re good now.